Fall Alert (beta)

Remote AI patient fall monitoring can help caregivers improve patient outcomes by reducing preventable falls.

Many healthcare systems are struggling with high fall rates, budget concerns and current solutions failing patients and staff. Vitalacy hopes to help facilities curb this problem through automation.


24/7 remote monitoring

with predictive AI.

Silent Sensors

No beeping, voice reminders

or audible alarms.

Cost Effective

Less than current in-person

or virtual sitters.

The Vitalacy Fall Alert plans to better prevent patient falls and unattended bed exits with remote patient monitoring powered by machine learning. We need partners like you.

FallDectectorDevice_edited copy.png
Real-Time Notifications 
SmartBands Blue.png
AI Powered Learning
Optical Sensor
SmartBands Blue blank.png

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How It Works

Step 1

The Vitalacy Fall Alert

adheres to the patient

room wall or ceiling, securely fastened to

the grid. 

Step 2

Machine Learning inside the device monitors patient bed and predicts patient movement leading to a fall or unattended bed exit.

Step 3

SmartBands worn by caregivers vibrate to notify of potential falls

in designated

room numbers. 

The Vitalacy Patient Safety Platform


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