Introducing Vitalacy’s Latest Product Updates: Workflow Monitoring & Purposeful Rounding

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

By Janel Nour-Omid

Our mission at Vitalacy is to deliver a set of solutions for healthcare providers that significantly improves patient safety while helping to minimize healthcare acquired conditions. Our latest product lines, Workflow Monitoring and Purposeful Rounding, were designed with input directly from caregivers we’ve partnered with to help get them the tools they need to support effective patient care. Vitalacy solutions leverage the Internet of Things, to offer hospitals a comprehensive look at staff and patient interactions, while reminding staff to maintain best practices (e.g. hand-sanitizing) within chaotic hospital environments.

Vitalacy’s focus is to provide patient safety improvement solutions that reliably deliver data for both caregivers and management to take interventional and preventive action.

Workflow Monitoring (New)

Vitalacy’s Workflow Monitoring solution is designed to seamlessly gather data around patient room visits, correlating that with dispenser usages to get aggregate compliance data. The technology uses a combination of infrared sensors and IoT-enabled devices to track hospital workflow. We gather and measure patient interactions confirming that patient safety procedures and policies are being followed. Vitalacy Workflow Monitoring’s infrared doorway sensors track patient rooms’ inbound and outbound traffic and uses soap and sanitizer dispenser sensors to compile hand sanitization event frequencies — all without requiring staff to wear devices or change their workflow.

Additionally, all data is provided to management but, more importantly, to the caregivers. Being the ones in direct contact with patients gives healthcare providers the ability to make real and instant impact. Getting the data back in the hands of the staff is crucial in helping to reinforce hand hygiene practices and ensure proper patient care.

Purposeful Rounding (New)

The Vitalacy Purposeful Rounding solution is a software add-on to the Safety Sphere package. It has been designed to improve rounding by ensuring adequate duration and frequency of patient room visits. Research has shown that frequent rounding reduces patient falls and skin breakdown while resulting in improved Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) and patient experience scores. Patient falls in 2015 alone cost over $50 billion in medical billings, making a strong case for modernized rounding.

The solution features include customized reporting formats showing patient room visits by room, by staff member, or even in a heat-map view of the units. With these features, you can identify gaps in rounding by reviewing hourly visits, verify which staff members visited which patients, and review visit durations to see if rounds met all requirements. Users can also subscribe to email or mobile app notifications to get helpful reminders for visiting specific patient rooms when necessary. All of this data is designed to be delivered back to the healthcare providers directly to help them in ensuring a high quality of care for their patients and, ultimately, preventing hospital-acquired conditions.

Smart Dispense

Our Smart Dispenser solution is based on IoT sanitizer and soap dispenser sensors that integrate directly with existing hospital dispensers, making installation quick and easy. The connected sensors deliver aggregate dispenser data usage by location providing the tools for making high-level decisions about hand hygiene practices and operational efficiency. One of the biggest reasons hand hygiene is overlooked is empty soap and sanitizer dispensers or dispenser inaccessibility.

The smart sensors can deliver refill notifications when soap or sanitizer levels are running low, a vast improvement over the antiquated and often unstaffed hotline systems that most major hospitals use today, and can also help with analyzing activity patterns to identify locations where dispensers should be added.

Individual Reporting

Individual Reporting brings greater granularity by individualizing the data gathered. With this solution, caregivers are equipped with the Vitalacy wristbands, providing them with immediate feedback on every hand hygiene event.

The wristbands, coupled with our Vitalacy mobile app, provide staff with interventional and preventative data, and empowers them to take control of their own hand hygiene performance. The wristband settings can be customized per individual, giving each caregiver the personalized training they may need to reach their goals. The system tracks every hand-washing occurrence on an individual basis and delivers reports directly to management and staff.

Safety Sphere

The importance of supplying healthcare providers with immediate actionable insights is not emphasized enough. Rather than being a punitive system, our focus has been to provide staff with what they need to meet and beat their compliance goals. All the Vitalacy product components together form something that we like to call the Safety Sphere—a smart, connected and helpful look at how hospital staff attend to patients and comply with hand hygiene requirements. Through machine learning and AI technology, the Vitalacy wristband and location beacons analyze and learn the user’s activity patterns while our dispenser sensors accurately determine the start of a hand hygiene event. We want staff to be able to focus on the quality of patient care, so we’ve taken care of burdensome administrative overhead and given them one less thing to think about throughout their hectic shifts.

The beauty of our solution is having the ability to pick and choose the features that work best for your facility based on culture, layout, patient needs, and more. With the clinical background our management team brings to the table, we have a strong understanding of hospital environments. No two hospitals are alike, making customizable platforms like ours is extremely important in the implementation of patient safety solutions.

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Janel Nour-Omid is the Chief Product Officer at Vitalacy. Her background in computer science, passion for design, deep fascination in human behavior and personal losses due to HAIs drives her to build high-performing patient safety products that can be easily used by caregivers in healthcare settings.

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