WEBINARS: Clear and Useful SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) Information for Health Care Professionals

Updated: Sep 12

By Ann Scott Blouin, RN, PhD, FACHE

The SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic has created a challenge around providing clear and useful information for nurses and other health care professionals.  I thought I could contribute to our field by producing several short, easily ‘digestible’ webinars covering topics which nurses (and others) would find helpful and do not duplicate other educational efforts. I was fortunate to secure underwriting for these webinars from Abbott, who views nurses as critical in all settings, most especially now. 

These webinars are simply for you and your organization to make available on your Learning Management System, website or other resource location for your nurses’ and other healthcare professionals’ information. The content will likely be of interest to many others beyond nurses.  I co-own this content and am happy to share with audiences who might find these webinars helpful.

The three, approximately 40-minute each, webinars cover the following topics:

  1. “Overview of Testing for COVID-19 and its Antibodies”

  2. “Nurses Caring for Patients in Underserved Communities”

  3. “Enabling Personal Safety as Activities Resume”

Each of these are presented with a co-speaker, who is knowledgeable about that specific topic. I hope that you and your colleagues find these educational webinars helpful.



Vice Chairman of Vitalacy Board

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