Vitalacy Increases Customer Footprint with Hand Hygiene Automation

Updated: Sep 12

LOS ANGELES, Calif., September 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --Vitalacy, a health and hygiene technology company committed to reducing infection risk with SaaS based solutions, announced today the increase of its customer footprint with the addition of new implementations and expanded projects with current customers. Clients have seen their hand hygiene compliance rates double just a few months after launching Vitalacy’s Automated Hand Hygiene Monitoring Solution.

Vitalacy’s growth comes as organizations in health care, hospitality, food service and other industries seek to reduce the risk of infections through automated solutions including hand hygiene compliance monitoring, contact tracing, nurse rounding compliance monitoring, and beta testing their Vitalacy Fall Alert.

“COVID-19 has heightened expectations for infection control solutions within all organizations wishing to keep its customers and staff safe,” said Janel Nour-Omid, Vitalacy’s CEO and co-founder. “We all expect to enter safe environments with low infection risk. Automated data capture and behavior coaching at point of care saves lives.”

Health care organizations reduce infections by improving hand hygiene compliance.

Vitalacy’s hand hygiene compliance monitoring can help reduce the risk of patients and health care workers contracting COVID-19. This monitoring also has been effective in reducing healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

A Vitalacy implementation at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children (2020) demonstrated a link between the doubling of hand wash duration, as measured by Vitalacy’s hand hygiene compliance solution, and lowered infection rates in the system’s long-term care nursery unit amid the pandemic. Vitalacy SmartBand hand-wash reminders spurred the nursery’s care team to improve average hand-wash duration from 5.2 seconds in February 2020 to an average of 12.1 seconds during 2020 and 2021. As a result, infections fell to near zero.

While the CDC and World Health Organization have encouraged hand hygiene compliance monitoring for years, both The Joint Commission and Leapfrog Group have recently stiffened requirements. Meeting the Leapfrog Group’s hand hygiene standard encourages the use of electronic hand hygiene compliance monitoring or direct observation in collecting compliance data on at least 200 hand hygiene opportunities each month.

About Vitalacy Vitalacy is a health and hygiene technology company focused on providing caregivers and patients with a safe and confident care experience through automation. Vitalacy monitors hand hygiene compliance with real-time reminders at point of care through smart sensors and wearables that improve outcomes and save lives.

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