Enterprise Safety Technology Helps LA Businesses Reopen Safely

Updated: Sep 12

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/

Fuel Cycle, Inc., a technology leader in market research and experience management, is the first business in Los Angeles to reopen with Vitalacy’s workplace safety technology.

(above) Yami Rodriguez wears a Vitalacy Smartband

Fuel Cycle Human Resources Director, Yami Rodriguez was searching for a way to keep staff safe while offices slowly reopened. “We needed to ensure our business strategy was complying with CDC’s guidelines of promoting safe social distancing and proper hand hygiene,” Rodriguez shared.

While at work, Fuel Cycle employees wear a Vitalacy SmartBand. The device measures proximity to other SmartBands in the office. If they are maintaining an unsafe proximity with other employees, the users they interacted with (for too close for too long) are notified by Vitalacy that they may have been exposed. The SmartBand also reminds wearers to hand wash every hour. The solution does not track user location and keeps all user data anonymous from other team members and their employer.

Vitalacy was recently awarded Newsweek’s Best in HealthCare 2020 as one of the best monitoring products for infection prevention. The technology improves how often and how well health care workers wash their hands to lower risk of hospital-acquired infections and keep both caregivers and patients safe.

“We quickly realized our platform designed to help hospitals prevent the spread of infection could be used to help the workplace prevent the spread of COVID-19,” said Janel Nour-Omid, Vitalacy CEO and Cofounder. “We are honored to be incorporated into Fuel Cycle’s employee safety plan and help Los Angeles reopen responsibly.” Nour-Omid was awarded Forbes 30 Under 30 in Healthcare for 2020.

(above) Vitalacy Contact Tracing Smartbands

Vitalacy has partnered with additional SOCAL businesses currently trialing the solution this summer.

“Only together as a team can we help reduce risk of exposure for our employees as we manage workplace safety and maintain confidence during these difficult times,” said Eran Gilad, CEO of Fuel Cycle.

Learn More: www.vitalacy.com/contact-tracing

About Fuel Cycle Fuel Cycle is a technology leader in market research and experience management, headquartered in Los Angeles. The Fuel Cycle Market Research Cloud connects companies with their products, brand, customers and employees and powers the world's most customer-centric brands.

About Vitalacy Vitalacy, Inc. is a patient safety technology company based in Los Angeles, California. Our powerful and durable ​location-based platform automates workflow and compliance monitoring so hospitals can better focus on patient outcomes and caregiver well-being.

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