Vitalacy's suite of products and features allow for diverse levels of automation integration for any enterprise.  

Protect Your Staff

Protect Your Patients


Hand Hygiene Monitoring

Continuously capture compliance data so you can get back to focusing on patient care. Increased hand washing can reduce infection risk to your

staff and patients. 

The only hand hygiene monitoring solution that tracks wash duration.

  • Tracks Compliance and Non-Compliance

  • Wash Reminders 

  • Duration Reminders


Staff Rounding

Improve patient safety and satisfaction through consistent rounding helping

to proactively address patient and prevent falls.

Automated monitoring

captures the following data points:

  • Who visited a room

  • Who visited a bed

  • Visit time stamp 

  • Visit duration

Contact Tracing

Create a safe and confident work  environment with automated contact tracing and hand wash reminders.

Bluetooth enabled Smartbands send alerts when a user comes within six feet of another user. Wash reminder timer vibrates to encourage proper practice of hand hygiene. 


Workflow Monitoring

Improve patient safety and satisfaction through consistent rounding helping to prevent falls and proactively address patient needs.

Consistent rounding will:

  • Reduce risk of patient falls, pressure ulcers, and DVT

  • Confidently know when and for how long each patient room is visited by individual caregivers

  • Access heat map report by room or by caregiver

  • Improve HCAHPS scores

  • Support timely nursing responsiveness

Dispenser Sensor

Small lightweight sensors adhere to each dispenser and monitor dispense events. Sensors work with both manual and automatic dispensers for soap and sanitizer. They are easy to install with a battery life of at least two years. Make your dispensers smarter.

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