Nurse Rounding Monitoring Technology

The Vitalacy Automated Nurse Rounding Monitoring Solution continuously captures nurse rounding activity, including bed visits, visit duration, and time on shifts to prevent fatigue. Improve patient safety and satisfaction through consistent rounding to address patient needs and reduce the risk of falls, pressure ulcers and venous thromboembolism.

Featuring the same smart, Bluetooth-enabled sensors and wearables as the Vitalacy hand hygiene monitoring technology, this real-time location system can identify workflow inefficiencies and help your nurses to provide the time and attention patients and families require.

Vitalacy Staff Rounding
Staff Rounding Dashboard Report

Designed in partnership with current clients, the solution captures these data points:

Who visited a room

Who visited a bed

When did the visit occur

How long was the visit

Minimal & Smart Design

The Vitalacy SmartBand, SmartClip and SmartBadge all monitor bed visits and provide data including time of visits, visit duration, and dispenser activity without disrupting workflow.

Easy removal for USB charging

Visual and private vibration alerts

Water resistant touch screen sensor

Band comes in multiple colors

Vitalacy SmartBand and SmartSensor

Silicone band with antimicrobial zinc coating

Data & Reporting 

All nurse rounding data are stored and easily viewed on the Vitalacy Dashboard. Reports have been perfected in partnership with current customer feedback. Dashboard views can display individual, unit, departmental, hospital and enterprise performance. Data can be easily shared with auditing agencies including the Leapfrog Group.

Staff Rounding Dashboard Report

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