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Vitalacy Hand Hygiene SmartBand

The rise of COVID and other infectious pathogens have increased the importance of hand washing to prevent infection within the hospitality environment. Contact tracing also has emerged as a key way to keep your employees safe from contagious illnesses. The Vitalacy Hospitality Safety Solution automates and integrates hand hygiene monitoring and contact tracing through smart, Bluetooth-enabled sensors and wearables. Hand wash reminders reduce infection risk. Automated contact tracing takes minutes.

Meets CDC and OSHA recommendations

No workflow disruption

Low IT impact

CDC and OSHA Guidelines for Employees and Guests

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) advise employers to consider all factors that might increase the risk of spreading COVID among employees or guests. Develop an employee health and safety plan emphasizing the importance of vaccination, testing, hand washing, contact tracing, sufficient ventilation, cleaning and disinfecting, as well as masking and physical distancing during times of high infection rates. Reach out frequently to state and/or local public health officials and occupational safety and health professionals to get relevant and up-to-date information concerning COVID.

CDC Hand Washing Guidelines: Hand Hygiene at Work
OSHA Guidelines: Mitigating and Preventing the Spread of COVID in the Workplace

Vitalacy Hospitality Safety Solutions

Vitalacy Hand Hygiene Performance Report

Automated Hand Hygiene Monitoring

Reduce the risk of employees or guests acquiring infections in your facilities. Build a reputation as a safe workplace that values employees and their safety. Measure and monitor hand hygiene improvement among your staff, and use your hand washing performance to demonstrate your commitment to safety to both present and potential employees.

Dispenser Use Tracking

Vitalacy Hand Hygiene Dispenser Activity Report

Make your hand sanitizer and soap dispensers smarter through Vitalacy’s Dispenser Sensors that reveal use trends and patterns. These small, lightweight sensors adhere to each dispenser and monitor dispenser use. This monitoring measures increases or decreases in sanitizer and soap use and enables you to make sure refills are completed and supplies are ordered on time.

Vitalacy Contact Tracing App
Gen3 Smartband Screen - Too Close Other

Automated Contact Tracing

Manage contact tracing within your workforce with smart, Bluetooth-enabled sensors and wearables that help reduce infection risk to staff and encourage safe distancing. Vibration alerts notify that another user is too close.


Low energy bluetooth detects and transmits proximity.


Online user set-up takes less than 5 minutes. 


Battery lasts 24 hours and plugs into any USB port or Vitalacy Charging Station.


Simple and elegant design fits into company branding with several band colors.


Screen appears and sensor vibrates when other users are within an unsafe proximity.


Data transmitted over hotel or phone WIFI to secured cloud.

Vitalacy SmartBand Options

Minimal & Smart Design

Easy removal for USB charging

Visual and vibration alerts

Water resistant touch screen sensor

Band comes in multiple colors

Polyurethane ionized band self-disinfects

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