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Vitalacy’s Automated Hand Hygiene Monitoring Solution enables your hospital to reduce healthcare-acquired infections and conditions, which affect 1 in 31 patients, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Providing the 24/7 capabilities to meet the Leapfrog Group’s section 6F hand hygiene practice standards, the solution automates hand hygiene monitoring and can be used for nurse rounding monitoring and contact tracing, as well. Through the use of the solution’s smart sensors and wearables, your hospital can protect your patients and staff while meeting Leapfrog hand hygiene requirements.

24/7data collection meets Leapfrog Group's hand hygiene standards

Easy to install solution

No workflow disruption

Vitalacy Patient Safety Solutions

Vitalacy Hand Hygiene Performance Report

Automated Hand Hygiene Monitoring

Reduce healthcare-acquired infections by improving staff hand hygiene compliance. Vitalacy’s upgradable Automated Hand Hygiene Monitoring Solution provides more accurate and comprehensive hand hygiene compliance information than direct observation.

Vitalacy Hand Hygiene Staff Rounding Report

Nurse Rounding Monitoring

Improve patient safety and satisfaction through consistent, proactive rounding to address patient needs and prevent falls. Monitor which nurse visited a patient, along with the time and duration of the visit.

Vitalacy Contact Tracing
Vitalacy Gen 4 SmartBand

Automated Contact Tracing

Manage contact tracing within your workforce with smart sensors and wearables. Reduce infection risk to staff and encourage safe distancing. Vibration alerts notify that another user is too close.

Vitalacy Hand Hygiene Dispenser Activity Report

Dispenser Use Tracking

Make your soap and sanitizer dispensers smarter by revealing use trends and patterns. Small, lightweight sensors adhere to each station and monitor dispenser use. This monitoring of hand sanitizer and soap usage also enables you to make sure refills are completed and supplies are ordered on time.

Vitalacy Fall Risk Alert

Fall Risk Alert (Beta)

Enabled by artificial intelligence, Vitalacy’s Fall Risk Alert can help hospitals to reduce preventable falls. Many healthcare systems continue to experience high fall rates while current solutions fail to improve outcomes.


The feedback the wristband gives me while I am washing is very helpful. I am more conscious of my hand hygiene now.

~ Recreational Therapist, New York

Minimal & Smart Design

Easy removal for USB charging

Visual and vibration alerts

Water resistant touch screen sensor

Band comes in multiple colors

Vitalacy SmartBand and SmartSensor

Silicone band with antimicrobial zinc coating

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