Protect the Caregiver.

Protect the Patient.

The Vitalacy Patient Safety Platform automates the monitoring of safety and quality measures like hand hygiene compliance, purposeful rounding and contact tracing through smart sensors and wearables. Real-time reminders at point-of-care improve caregiver performance and patient outcomes.
Gen3 Smartband Screen - Start Wash Side.

24/7 data collection

Easy to install solution

No workflow disruption

Vitalacy Patient Safety Platform Solutions

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Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring

Reduce healthcare-acquired infections and improve staff performance with the only automated hand hygiene compliance monitoring solution that also captures and coaches hand wash duration.

Nurse Rounding Compliance Monitoring

Improve patient safety and satisfaction through consistent rounding to proactively address patient needs and better prevent falls. Monitor who visited a patient with room visit time and duration.
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Gen3 Smartband Screen - Too Close Other

Automated Contact Tracing

Manage contact tracing within workforce with smart sensors and wearables that help reduce infection risk to staff and encourage safe distancing. Vibration alerts notifies that another user is too close.

Dispenser Use Tracking

Make your soap and sanitizer dispensers smarter by revealing use trends and patterns. Small lightweight sensors adhere to each station and monitor dispense events. 
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Vitalacy Fall Alert (Beta)

Remote AI patient fall monitoring can help caregivers improve patient outcomes by reducing preventable falls. Many healthcare systems are struggling with high fall rates, budget concerns and current solutions failing patients and staff.

The feedback the wristband gives me while I am washing is very helpful. I am more conscious of my hand hygiene now.

~ Recreational Therapist, New York

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Minimal & Smart Design

Easy removal for USB charging

Visual and vibration alerts

Water resistant touch screen sensor

Band comes in multiple colors

Polyurethane ionized band self-disinfects

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