Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring

Monitor and Improve Hand-Hygiene Compliance

The Vitalacy Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring Solution continuously captures compliance and non-compliance events throughout your facility. Reduce the risk of infection to your patients and staff with hand hygiene coaching at point-of-care.


of HAIs caused by poor hand hygiene.


of caregivers do not wash their hands consistently and correctly. ~ WHO

1 in 25

chance of getting an HAI while staying in a US hospital. ~ CDC

Select a sensor that best fits your organization

  • Track hand hygiene compliance at an individual level with bluetooth sensor.

  • Improve wash rates with private visual and vibration reminders with text and icons at point-of-care.

  • The only compliance monitoring wearable that records and improves hand wash duration.

  • Includes wash count, fitness tracker, timer and clock.

Vitalacy SmartBand

  • Track hand hygiene compliance at an individual level with bluetooth sensor.

  • Improve wash rates with public visual and vibration reminders at point-of-care.

  • Easy wear option with clip and loop.

Vitalacy SmartBadge

White Paper

Improving compliance and reducing infections with automation.

Free Demo

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Case Study

Learn how a hospital lowered infections and 2X hand wash duration.

Select reports most valuable to your goals

  • Monitor hand hygiene compliance progress over time with near-real time reporting

  • Compare individuals to other caregivers, units or facility.

  • Includes bed to bed as well as room to room compliance.

  • Caregiver can view their own data via mobile app or online dashboard.

Caregiver Hand Hygiene Compliance

  • Monitor hand hygiene compliance progress over time with near-real time reporting

  • Track daily, weekly or monthly averages in compliance, wash duration and user activity.

  • Hand Hygiene Compliance Leaderboard

  • Sort by profession, wash type and wash duration.

  • Schedule weekly email progress reports to leadership

Facility Hand Hygiene Compliance

Schedule a demo to see all available reports

How does it work?

Low-energy bluetooth beacons and dispenser sensors can discern compliance rates between groups of caregivers entering and exiting patient rooms.

This is a great product that I feel is useful to combat poor hand hygiene rates.

Liz, Senior Nurse Manager

SmartBands track wash duration. Notifications alert the caregiver if wash duration is too short. 

Mobile App Allows Users to Track Their Progress

Includes Fitness Tracking and Fatigue Scoring

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