Your Vital Partner in Workplace Safety.


Vitalacy is a health and hygiene technology company focused on providing a safe and confident workplace through automation. We monitor compliance of quality and safety measures like hand hygiene, workflow and contact tracing with smart sensors and wearables.


Vitalacy is committed to reducing infection risk with automated technology solutions. Founded in 2008, our mission is to improve patient outcomes, protect the workforce and promote quality and safety measures that save lives. Delivering true and transparent data on compliance offers a powerful and sustainable foundation for organizations and people to thrive.

The Leadership Team

Janel Nour-Omid
CEO and Cofounder
Tal Cohen
Tal Cohen
Chief Technology Officer
CJ George
VP Sales
Aryan Liaghat
AVP Client Services
Haley Dukelow
VP Operations
tony profile pic copy.jpg
Tony Ratazak
Operations Manager
Stephen Ninesling
VP of Finance

The Board

Bahram Nour-Omid
Bahram Nour-Omid
Executive Chairman of the Board​
Ann Bloulin
Ann Blouin
Executive Vice Chairman of the Board​
President and Founder of PSQ Advisory
John Nacket
John Nackel
Chairman and CEO of Three-Sixty Advisory Group
Van Johnson
Van Johnson
Former CEO of Sutter Health


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