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Accurate hand hygiene reporting, contact tracing and real-time hand wash reminders that improve outcomes and save lives.

Vitalacy is a health and hygiene technology company focused on providing a safe and confident workplace through automation. We monitor hand hygiene and the practice of safe distancing through smart sensors and wearables.

Keeping Care Providers Safe in Uncertain Times

COVID-19 is only the latest example of the importance of proper hand hygiene to combat the spread of bacteria and viruses. Vitalacy's Automated Hand Hygiene Solution can help prevent the transmission of not only COVID-19, but all infections by tracking and increasing care provider hand washing.

Preserve the ability of your caregivers to render care.

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Monitor both manual and automated dispense events by room, unit and entire healthcare organization.


Automated compliance monitoring can lower rates of hospital infections with real-time reminders. 
Contact tracing enables management to practice selective workforce
quarantine measures. 

The feedback the wristband gives me while I am washing is very helpful. I am more conscious of my hand hygiene now.

~ Recreational Therapist, New York

Automate Compliance Monitoring

Frequent hand washing is the first line of defense against infection and disease.

Reduce infection risk to your patients and staff with continuous compliance and non-compliance event monitoring throughout your facility. Improve wash rates and wash duration with private real-time reminders at point of care.

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